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We’re looking for guests who are excited about sharing our mission of Igniting Humanity! If you’re passionate about inspiring others, making positive change in the world, and uniting people everywhere through stories, Humanity Live is the perfect platform to share your impact.

We go live for 30 minutes every weekday, and we think there’s nothing more thrilling than the fast-paced, fun, and electric energy that happens when you go live for the whole world to see!

"If you want to make a difference, you have to be that difference."

Spark a Conversation to Change the World

The purpose behind Humanity Live is to showcase all the incredible people who are moving the needle forward on humanity and uplifting the people they affect. We believe that when we share the parts of our stories that have transformed us, we equip others with the wisdom and tools to transform their lives too.

By sparking a conversation about your story, you’re empowering people everywhere to Ignite their lives!

Reach Others, Ignite HumanitY

We want to show off the amazing story behind who you are, and the message of unity and empowerment you have to share with the world.

Here’s how we showcase our guests:

  • Through dedicated posts on our social media channels
  • Through our newsletters and email campaigns
  • Through a selection of graphics created for you to share with your community
  • Through allowing users to stream your episode for free whenever they want
  • Through sharing your links on the Humanity Live site and during the episode
  • Through giving you a platform to speak about what you do and what you believe in


If you’re ready to join us for 30 minutes of fantastic, uplifting, and empowering sharing, we invite you to apply to be on the show! We can’t wait to hear from you and learn about how you’re Igniting Humanity.
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Ignite Humanity Live was created for you.

This is your opporrtunity to learn, thrive, and excel as you bring about abundant success and start looking to the future. This is your chance to take control of your story and leave a worldwide impact.

Join us today and get started on your journey to Igniting Humanity!