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Every week, Ignite Humanity brings you a brand new special guest with a unique insight, experience, and story of igniting humanity. See how other people are making an impact and discover how to become a change-maker on a global scale yourself! When you join us live, you can even ask our guests your burning questions!

With a focus on community and what we can do together, Ignite Humanity Live invites viewers everywhere to join the movement and create a space in their own circles for humanity to shine.

Storytelling from exciting, vibrant, and caring humanitarians and entrepreneurs
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"If you want to make a difference, you have to be that difference."


Everything that's been going on in the world in the last few years has not allowed us to live to our fullest potential. We're at a point in our lives where we need to create a beacon of hope for humanity. We need to show everyone that positive change can and is happening on a global scale. We need to band together to create a movement to show people that humanity has to prevail and can prevail. We want to come together, grow, and Ignite the world with you.

We believe that hope and change happen through understanding, connecting, and relating to one another's authentic stories. Sharing a person's Ignite Moment, that pivotal moment that sets them on a path to discovering a greater side of themself will be the medicine of the planet. Ignite creates that human interconnectedness through multimedia storytelling. We want every person, community, country, and all of humanity to feel Ignited and inspired.

If every single person shares their Ignite Moment, we can change the trajectory of humanity. We can create an entirely new world for each and every one of us. That is what Ignite Humanity will do. This project is bringing humanity together, uplifting people globally, and Igniting us all in a way that includes everyone on our quest for a better future.

Ignite Humanity was born out of a desire to showcase the bright light that is in humanity and remind us that we can come together and make a better global future for all.
Humanity is incredible and I see that every single time I get up and go out into the world. Those small moments of connection are powerful. You get to meet people and see how amazing they are. What might seem like a coincidental meeting is actually the universe putting that person on your path for a reason.


Chief Executive Producer and Host
World-class Speaker - International Bestselling Author - Award-winning Humanitarian - Global Publisher - Mentor - Heart-Conscious Business Owner - Knighted Lady - Proud Female Entrepreneur

Host Lady JB Owen discovered her purpose through life-long trial and error. She kept going through failure until she unearthed a new, heart-centered way forward for how she was doing business and impacting the world. It took exploration, discovery, and a lot of hard work.

She wished she had someone to guide her, a leader who could help her discover her path through real-life stories and lessons-- without all the setbacks. She wished she had someone to teach her a new, triumphant way forward that uplifts all of humanity.

Lady JB created Humanity Live and found incredible humanity-focused storytellers so that you could have the guidance she had been wishing for. She knows there are others out there like you with a passion for uplifting people globally and making an impact.


Ignite is looking for innovators, leaders, and global change-makers who will add depth and breadth to this important initiative by sharing how they are impacting the planet in a positive way. This project is for those individuals who are moving the needle of humanity forward in a way that benefits others. We believe that the more we can spread the message of ways to Ignite Humanity, the more we can shift the paradigm and create a better Humanity for All.

The people we meet along our journeys can change our lives. When those relationships bloom, it reminds us of the connection every human on this planet has with one another. If you feel that connection and want to unite the hearts of people everywhere, we want to hear from you.